610BOXG – DECALS & stickers

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Item Part Number Description
1 DEC-CMI003 “CENTREVILLE” Decal – Black – Small
2 DEC-CMI006 Tow Checklist Decal
3 DEC-CMI007 Wheel Torque Specifications Decal
4 DEC-CMI013 “SUNBELT” Decal – Small
5 DEC-NI054 Check Wheel Lugs Decal
6 DEC-UT0016 Coupler Clamp Warning Decal
7 DEC-UT0017 Load Balance & Securing Warning Decal
8 DEC-UT0019 Wheel & Tire Warning Decal
9 DEC-UT0020 Safety Chains Warning Decal
10 DEC-UT0026 Lighting Warning Decal



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