About Centreville Trailer Parts LLC


We know a lot about trailer parts, because we used to make trailers.

Our company, Centreville Trailer Parts LLC (formerly known as Centreville Manufacturing Inc.), used to build top quality trailers. We chose the best quality parts that we could buy because we had to stand behind them when we used them to make a trailer, or to help fix yours. As of October 1, 2017, the manufacturing side of the business has closed, and we now solely focus on supplying YOU with any trailer part need you have. We offer you quick delivery of parts when you break down.

We have a vast inventory of parts in stock for repairs, preventive maintenance, or for you to build your own trailer. Our website offers "How To" documents that take the mystery out of installing parts or maintaining your trailer. They are written in plain language with photos or sketches included. We make some of our own parts in our stores, parts that you simply can't buy anywhere else.

Some online parts sellers don't offer a phone number or list an address on their website. They don't want you to bother them. We are proud of our brick and mortar parts stores, and our desire to have you call us for help. Our location addresses are available here and our contact information is prominently displayed at the bottom of every page.