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LAT618HG Trailer Tongue - Old Style

Item Part Number Description
1 BUL-028630 2 5/16” Ball Coupler with Adjustable Channel Mount – 12,500 lb MGTW
2 BUY-816137 Pintle Eye – 14,000 lb MGTW
3 IND-23100006 1/4” Proof Coil Chain
4 LAC-6749-105-28 1/4” X 5/16” Double Clevis Link
5a CMI-SUN-SURGE01 Sunbelt Hydraulic Surge Unit Mounted on Plate
5b BUY-B9020 5/8” X 4 1/2” Hitch Bolt Kit – For mounting coupler
6 CMI-SUN-PIVJCK2 Pivot Jack 2
7 CMI-SUN-PIVLEG1 Pivot Leg 1
8 CMI-SUN-PIVFOT1 Pivot Foot 1
9a FAS-11475 1”-8 x 6” Bolt
9b FAS-37045 Nut for Bolt – 1”-8
10 LAC-6749-205-28 Double Clevis Link – 3/8”
11 LAC-352570635 3/8” x 36” Safety Chain with Slip Hook with Latch
12 BUY-3006636A Bed Latch Pin
13 BRA-78599411572 Brackets for Owner’s Manual Tube
14a ULI-S-3491 Owner’s Manual Tube
14b ULI-14132 Caps for Owner’s Manual Tube
15 OWNERS MAN 1 Owner’s Manual


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