TA614 STD -tongue PARTS

Use the images and corresponding numbers to find the correct part numbers. Click on the part number link to view the part on our online store.

TA614 STD Tongue Parts Breakdown

Item Part Number Description
1 BUY-816137 Pintle Eye – 14,000 lb MGTW
2a CMI-SUN-SURGE01 Sunbelt Hydraulic Surge Unit Mounted on Plate
2b BUY-B9020 5/8” X 4 1/2” Hitch Bolt Kit – For mounting coupler
3a JACK 7K BO Square Tube Jack with Plate – Top Wind – 7000 lb
3b JACK PLATE 7K Jack Mounting Plate – Welded to Trailer
4a LAC-6749-205-28 Double Clevis Link – 3/8”
4b LAC-352570635 3/8” x 36” Safety Chain with Slip Hook with Latch
5 BRA-78599411572 Brackets for Owner’s Manual Tube
6a ULI-S-3491 Owner’s Manual Tube
6b ULI-14132 Caps for Owner’s Manual Tube
7 OWNERS MAN 1 Owner’s Manual


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Sunbelt Rentals: All part numbers should be listed in SmartEquip. Please inform us of any part numbers that may be missing.