TA614 STD - lighting & electrical parts

Use the images and corresponding numbers to find the correct part numbers. Click on the part number link to view the part on our online store.

Only LED lighting shown. Trailers built prior to 1/2015 had incandescent lighting.

TA614 STD Lighting Breakdown

Item Part Number Description
1 BAR-5077003 7 Blade RV Trailer Electrical Plug
2 SCV-TGE141292-N Molded Wiring Harness
3a PET-M203A Rectangular Amber LED Fender Clearance Light
3b PET-B150-181 Rectangular Grommet
4a PET-M196R 2 ½” Round Red LED Rear Side Marker Light
4b PET-B143-18 2 ½” Round Grommet
5a PET-M196A 2 ½” Round Amber LED Front Side Marker Light
5b PET-B143-18 2 ½” Round Grommet
5c TKL-10735 L-Shaped Bracket for 2 ½” Round Lights
6a PET-B150-14 License Plate Light Housing
6b PET-M153C-BT2 Clear LED License Plate Light
7a PET-M826R 4” Round Red LED Stop/Turn/Tail Light
7b PET-B426-18 4” Round Grommet
8a PET-M203R Rectangular Red LED Fender Clearance Light
8b PET-B150-181 Rectangular Grommet
9a PET-M196R 2 ½” Round Red LED Marker Light
9b PET-B143-18 2 ½” Round Grommet
9c TKL-93908 28” Wiring Harness for 3 Lights


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